Child Care and Early Learning

Child Care and Early Learning

Increasing evidence has emerged to show that children’s learning opportunities in the years before kindergarten have an important effect on their performance in school and ultimately their ability to contribute to society as adults. Through the Office of Child Development and Early Learning, Pennsylvania is helping our children, families, teachers and communities reach their promise.

Keystone Stars

We want to make sure that early childhood programs in Pennsylvania have the tools to continually improve service to children and families. Through the Keystone STARS program and the STARS rating system, parents are assured of the quality programs for their children. You can search for a Keystone STARS program in your area.

Help with child care expenses

If you are looking for help to pay child care expenses, or if you need help figuring out how to care for and educate your young child, Child Care Works can help. For more information, call the Child Care Works helpline at 1-877-4-PA-KIDS. You can also find help and information at your local Child Care Information Services office.

We share the concern of parents the child care centers, group child care homes and family child care homes in Pennsylvania meet basic health and safety standards. Through our Certification Services Bureau, we certify and register child care facilities to make sure they meet these standards. Search for a child care provider You can find child care providers near your home or workplace using the Online Child Care Provider Search database.    Licensing and Inspection Reports You can also use the Online Child Care Provider Search to review certification information about a provider, including the provider’s certificate status, verified complaints and inspection results. If you want more information about a provider, please contact the Regional OCDEL Office that covers the county where the provider is located.

Disabilities or developmental delays

If your child is birth to five and has disabilities or developmental delays, our Early Intervention services can provide access to as many opportunities as possible to help them reach their promise. Parents interested in early intervention services may contact the CONNECT Helpline at 1-800-692-7288.

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